Installing My Envi Heater

the Envi heater fits so nicely on the end wall of the kitchen counter in the Sweet Pea

the Envi heater fits so nicely on the end wall of the kitchen counter in the Sweet Pea

Two years ago, I moved into a tiny house on wheels called Bayside Bungalow. The owner and builder Brittany had told me that she wasn’t particularly fond of the Dickenson propane boat heater she had installed in her tiny house, so she loaned me her radiator heater, too. As the weather got cold I tried both of the heaters and found that each of them frustrated me in certain ways.

So I investigated tiny house heater options and discovered the Envi Heater. I couldn’t find any other tiny housers using it, but because it was silent, used little electricity, could be wall mounted, had a slim profile, carried no burn risk, didn’t require venting, didn’t require filling up pro-pain! fuel tanks, and was affordable to boot, I decided to give it a try. I soon discovered that I drastically preferred this little heater to either of the other options. I explain my Top 10 Reasons to Pick Envi Heater Over Propane Marine Heater.

I’ve been happy with my Envi Heater ever since. When I lived in a yurt last year I installed my Envi Heater just when the rains returned in October. By the time I’d spent A Month in the Yurt, I realized I was going to be glad I had a heater. Although both Weatherizing the Yurt and Warming Up the Yurt were challenging, it did help take the edge off the cold.

Envi & Fridge

installing the Envi on the same wall as the mini fridge made the fridge work harder

So this year, when the temperature started dropping in late October I got my Envi out and used the handy template to install it on the wall at the end of the kitchen counter of Sweet Pea, the tiny house I’m currently renting. The location seemed perfectly suited to the heater. The counter end wall is just the right size for the heater and since the heater was on an interior wall any heat that moved into the wall wouldn’t move outside as quickly. Since it was tucked under the ladder it was unobtrusive, but there was plenty of airflow around it. Additionally, this location placed the heater just at the edge of the loft so the warm air rose up to the loft, making it extra cozy.

Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that because this wall was shared by the heater and the mini fridge, both appliances were working much harder than usual to counteract each other. So I switched the heater over to one of the exterior walls. It didn’t seem to be heating quite as effectively, but at least I wasn’t forcing the fridge to work overtime to keep my food cold.

Fortunately, I had an epiphany a couple weeks ago and built myself My Chiller, a an electricity-free, propane-free, noise-free natural refrigeration system that cost me $7.


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