What brought you to TinyHomes.com? Are you curious, obsessed, building, looking to build, or living in a tiny house? None of the above, all of the above, or somewhere in between?

At TinyHomes.com, we are in our initial development phase with the goal of creating an in-depth, engaging, and informative website for people interested in tiny homes. As we get going, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know what brought you here, what you are looking for, and how we can help you find what you’re looking for. We value connecting with you, and thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and opinions so we can make TinyHomes.com a leading resource for tiny houses!

TinyHomes.com was founded by Kenny Bavoso and Jim Leissler

Kenny Bavoso Mug

Kenny Bavoso

Kenny Bavoso built his first tiny structure about 3 years ago, in the form of a tree house, and has been curious about the tiny house movement ever since. He built his first tiny house this last year and now shares it with others. Collaborative Consumption and playing in the outdoors are two passions of Kenny’s, and when not fantasizing about tiny homes, he is often found behind the computer as a web developer.





Jim Leissler

Jim Leissler

Jim Leissler’s Tiny Home is a VW Bus right now. He is on his 4th Hippy Bus and misses the days living in his bus overlooking Puget Sound while working at a Startup in Seattle. Currently he lives with his family in a mortgaged home with his Hippy Bus as his 2nd home. He just acquired an old Sprinter Van and is working on a build that is low cost, allows the family to live in it off the grid, and has flexible storage to fit  skis or windsurfing gear or dirt jump bikes or giant drones. Good luck!