• The Art of Downsizing

    Spring has sprung here in the Pacific Northwest, and around here that means that crocuses, tulips & hundreds of “free piles” have sprouted up at every other driveway in my neighborhood.  I’m starting a free pile too.  It’s time to downsize.  Several years ago I built & lived in … more

    The Art of Downsizing
  • My One And Only?

    Yesterday I was flipping through the latest issue of Real Simple Magazine, which to my delight was themed around organizing.  I LOOOOVE reading articles about organizing - not because I am particularly that organized myself, but because I ASPIRE so desperately to be organized.  I will … more

    My One And Only?
  • The First Thing

    Last weekend I was visiting my parents in Western Mass., where I’m going to build my tiny house, and I took a field trip with my mom to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I bought something tiny for my tiny house: a delightful pair of blue metal drawer pulls! While it’s not a sink, it’s … more

    The First Thing
  • De-cluttering time

    The last several years have been a deconstructing of my life. Mostly this has happened through the process of detaching from stuff. I was surprised to find that the decision to give something away was not always accompanied by emotional detachment—I often felt a sense of longing as I watched my … more

    De-cluttering time
  • What’s in a Tiny House Name?

    What’s in a Tiny House Name?  A Tiny House packs a ton of personality in every inch of their small space from design, build, and functionality to the finishing touches. To top it all off with a proverbial “cherry on top,” a clever name is a further expression of their unique dwellers.  I … more

    What’s in a Tiny House Name?
  • Greed, Capitalism and the Tiny House Movement

    Have you noticed how many ads are on popular blogs? Ads overshadow original content even with tiny house writers, supposedly minimalists who don't believe in excessive consumerism, materialism, or keeping up with the Joneses. Even if the ads are for relevant, interesting products, do we need so many … more

    Greed, Capitalism and the Tiny House Movement
  • Hammerstone School Teaches Women to Build Tiny

    This post was written by a guest contributor, Maria Kelperer-Johnson, the instructor at Hammerstone School. Read on to learn how Hammerstone uses tiny homes as a teaching tool in their carpentry for women classes! Hammerstone School (formerly Double Dog Timberworks) is a small carpentry school … more

    Hammerstone School Teaches Women to Build Tiny
  • My Friend Betsy

    My Tiny House journey started long, long ago.  I don’t remember exactly when I saw my first Tiny House or when I officially decided one would be mine.  But what I can tell you is that this whole crazy idea of building my own, and living in it, and fully embracing the Tiny House Movement came … more

    My Friend Betsy
  • Tiny House Concerts (and other events)

    Part of the reason why I wanted to build a tiny house in a community with others was because I enjoy organizing events and being social.  While I have my escape fantasies of living in a gorgeous location in the mountains or by the beach, those photos of tiny houses sitting by themselves out in some … more

    Tiny House Concerts (and other events)
  • Permacultural Tiny Home Science

    Permaculture. This word is derived from a simple concept. Permanent Agriculture. As far as Bill Mollison is concerned, it is defined as "the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems." This is an … more

    Permacultural Tiny Home Science
  • A Month in the World of a Tiny House Builder

    In this episode: Preparing for build season, A Living Roof, Dense Packed Insulation, a few designs, and chance to come meet Shelter Wise at a fun event! First off, I am not a writer, I am a builder.  But, I have lots of experiences that I would like to share and many ideas floating around in my … more

    A Month in the World of a Tiny House Builder
  • Trailer Decisions

    I finally took the plunge and ordered my tiny house trailer! I spent the last couple of weeks asking people questions and finalizing the layout of my design so I could show it to Rob Mandzij at Iron Eagle and we could figure out the best axle placement. Rob is awesome and really excited about … more

    Trailer Decisions
  • Earthships & Tiny Homes

    This is my first week back from spring break. Unlike the stereotypical spring break, my head and body did not ache from consumption of adult beverages. Rather, these pains were born from consumption of knowledge and getting crazy with manual labor. I spent my alternative spring break in Taos, New … more

    Earthships & Tiny Homes
  • Tiny Spaces I Have Tried this Year

    I have stayed temporarily in a lot of different places this year, and I chose tiny spaces as much as I could to be able to experience what is necessary for me to include when designing and building my tiny home.  I would fully recommend doing this – airbnb is a good place to find temporary … more

    Tiny Spaces I Have Tried this Year
  • Home as Self: Designing for the Good Life

    There are certain buildings that stir something deep within us and call us to explore them. These buildings evoke feelings of contentedness and beauty, and within moments we are exploring the possibilities of what it would be like if we lived there. Masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail … more

    Home as Self: Designing for the Good Life